What it means to trust somebody you love?

Many assert that trust is the most fundamental requirement of any lasting relationship. It forms the center of each other’s sense of security which becomes the basis for the growth of the couple’s bond.

But how does trust develop? Is it something that you just give freely? When your partner tells you to trust him one hundred percent, should you? Perhaps you should first consider this deeply.

Would you trust your partner to attend an event where someone is present who could threaten your relationship like an ex, or a suitor, a crush or someone who is attracted to him? It may not be wise to do so.

Take the case of a couple I know in which the girl allowed the guy to attend a party by himself. Although she trusted her boyfriend completely, a girl at the party who had an apparent attraction to the guy attempted to seduce him.

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And because they were already both intoxicated, their inhibitions were easily overcome by this obvious temptation. The couple broke up after the story of what happened at the party unavoidably reached the girlfriend.

People are prone to temptation and therefore trust alone may not always be enough. To safeguard the relationship, it is necessary that people avoid situations that may test their faithfulness.

It may be wiser for a couple not to allow each other to be exposed to the allure of someone else’s affections.

Many couples argue about a lack of trust. But instead of accusing your partner of not trusting you, give reassurances and make each other feel secure.

Avoid situations that may cause your partner to doubt you. Doubt once created is very difficult to overcome. There is no such thing as unconditional trust.

It has to be earned by both partners. And if you are serious about each other then you will do all you can to earn that trust and protect the integrity of your relationship.

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If your relationship matters to you, then your partner’s trust should be earned not demanded. It must be nurtured and protected, not wasted.

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Yukesh Chaudhary

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