Nirmal : Nepali mountaineer holds the new highest record

Nirmal, Nepali climber has set a new record by climbing all eight mountains over eight thousand meters in six months.

Nirmal Purza, a 36-year-old who served in the British Army, completed his task on Tuesday morning at the peak of the mountain in Shishapang, China.

Earlier, the honor was in the name of Georgie Kuczka of Poland, who completed the challenge in 1987 after eight years.

On his way to the Everest base camp in 2012, he began his life as a mountaineer determined to climb Everest.

Queen Elizabeth had granted him an MBE in 2018

There are 14 mountains over 8,000 meters high.

Purza started his campaign last April and climbed Mt. Everest in may.Β The video he captured there captured the world’s attention.

He also rescued four other climbers during the Everest ascent.

He had climbed Everest, Lotus and Makalu Mountains in five days.

In September, his campaign was halted when the Chinese government refused to allow him to climb the mountain at Shishapang in Tibet.

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He was granted permission on October 15 after the Nepal government requested the Chinese government.

He climbed the mountain and the date of the successful ascent :

  • Annapurna, Nepal, April 1
  • Dhaulagiri, Nepal, May 12
  • Kanchanjunga, Nepal, May 15
  • Everest, Nepal, May 20
  • Lotse, Nepal, May 22
  • Makalu, Nepal, May 24
  • Nangaparvat, Pakistan, July 3
  • G2, Pakistan, July 15
  • G2, Pakistan, July 18
  • K3, Pakistan, July 24
  • Broad Peak, Pakistan, July 26
  • Cho Yu, China, September 23
  • Manaslu, Nepal, September 27
  • Shishapangma, China, October 29

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