Ways To Prevent Divorce in marriage

Marriage is the noblest bond that can exist between a man and a lady. It is a relation that is matched in heaven and made on Earth.

Marriage is the noblest bond that can exist between a man and a lady. It is a relation that is matched in heaven and made on Earth.

It is touted to be the strongest relationship in this world. In simpler words “Marriage is a relation between a man and a woman taking an oath that they stay together till their death”.

With the number of divorces taking place, this definition is changing. Nowadays marriages are not known to last for very long and there are a huge number of reasons for their failing, but the weirdest thing of all is that generally these reasons are so groundless and could be resolved very easily.

Problems like ego, inferiority complex or attitude problems are becoming reasons for divorce and even the fast-paced modern and busy world are reasons for drifting apart.

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Below I list to you the very simple but highly valuable things which if you inculcate in your everyday life can help a lot in building up the bond between you and your partner:

1. Issues that may lead to big arguments should be avoided:

The exact reasons for the quarrel are known to everyone and there is no point involving ego when calm talks can handle situations. Getting upset or losing your temper fast as well as insulting will simply bring about more quarrels. Talking calmly or avoiding topics that can lead to fights can be a good way.

2. Listen to each other:

Talking with each other bridges the gap between the two. The best way to express feelings, thoughts, and emotions is conversing well. Because “our beloved ones are the only ones who care about our future”.

3. Cleanliness is another issue that should be paid attention to and good habits to do wonders.

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4. Trust:

Trust is an essential thing for your relation to last. Over possessiveness leads to fights and drifts and that should be avoided, instead trust your partner, give good space and don’t avoid your past from your partner.

Everybody has a past and you don’t have to be ashamed if you haven’t had a good one.

5. Always respect your partner’s thoughts, feelings and do give space a good space to your partner because this is an important factor for every relationship. It contributes greatly to keep a happy relation going strong.

So if you follow these basic rules and always look for solutions to problems and fights rather than being egoistic then your marriage is bound to be successful for a long time.

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